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Return Policy

The Official BuildASoil Return Policy:. Here at, we want you to be 100% stoked with your purchase. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the best free education and highest quality products. That being said, we do understan

Shipping Policy Overview

Each product will have an estimated ship date. These dates are updated every few minutes as inventory changes. Notice: Check the ship by date on each product page. We are currently updating this feature, so please bear with us during this change. Bel

I Purchased Right Before A Sale Started? Can I Get The Discount?

We understand how frustrating it can be to purchase a product and then get a sale email the next day. If there is a current sale running and you have recently placed an order:. If you ordered within 48 Hours of the sale?. If you ordered more than 48

What is BuildASoil Shipping Protection?

🛡️ What is BuildASoil Shipping Protection?. In our continuous effort to enhance the shopping experience, we're thrilled to introduce BuildASoil Shipping Protection for our BuildASoil customers. Navidium provides top-notch insurance, ensuring your Bu

How Much Is Freight?

Freight is easy to calculate at Freight is calculated automatically at checkout unless the order is over 12,000 lbs or over 6 pallets. If you are placing an order you suspect will be over 6 pallets it will be best to get a real time q

Discreet Shipping?

Do we ship your packages discreetly or does it say BuildASoil all over the box?. Orders are almost always shipped in the most discreet manner possible. Packages:. Pallets:. When will my order not be discreet?.

Heavy Metals

Here is a current spreadsheet of testing done for 2022 on many items that we carry. For the most up to date info please check each product page for the individual report. Download via spreadsheet here: BuildASoil 2022 Heavy Metal Spreadsheet. Here is