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Reward PointsUpdated a month ago

How does the BuildASoil Loyalty Program Work? 

Earn Points Easily:

  • Place an Order: Earn 1 point for every 1 dollar spent.
  • Write a Review: Earn 10 points.
  • Attach a Profile Picture to Your Review: Earn an additional 10 points.
  • Follow Us on Instagram: Earn 10 points.
  • Celebrate Your Birthday: Earn 200 points.

Redeem Points for Rewards:

  • For Every $5 Off: Redeem 100 points
  • Exchange For Products: Exchange points for various products at a deeper discount than usual. Visit our rewards area at the top of the website to see the latest prizes we offer or to manage your rewards account.

Keep Your Points Active Forever:

Points can expire after 6 months of Inactivity, to avoid this you can:

  • Place an Order: Within six months of earning points to keep them active. This way you can accrue points over a much longer period than 6 months to get a larger offer. 
  • Use Your Points: Redeem points for discounts or prizes, or interact with our points software within six months by writing a review. Doing so will keep the rest of your points active.
  • Earn Points: Write a review through our system to earn points and extend your expire date.
  • Reach Out to Customer Service: If you’re unable to use your points in time, contact us in writing via email, and we’ll be happy to extend your points, ensuring they do not expire.

Our loyalty program is designed to reward you for your continued support and engagement. Visit BuildASoil often to maximize your benefits and enjoy the rewards!

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