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Discreet Shipping?Updated 6 months ago

Do we ship your packages discreetly or does it say BuildASoil all over the box? 


Orders are almost always shipped in the most discreet manner possible. 




  • When we fulfill from the BuildASoil warehouse we use plain boxes with no branding and the packing slip will say B.A.S. for BuildASoil




  • All Pallets with Various items will be stacked on a pallet and wrapped with clear plastic. If there is branding on the products you will be able to see them through the plastic. (This makes it easier for staff to visually Identify)
  • Our soil comes in bags with our logo on it and the sides of the bags say "Loyal To The Soil" If you have ordered a full pallet we wrap them in clear plastic and the logos WILL be visible. 
  • Tote sacks are all Plain white without any logo or branding.
  • If It's Important that your freight order be wrapped in opaque plastic we can accommodate special requests. Just email or call and we are happy to help.


When will my order not be discreet?


  1. When fulfilled by partner - Some of our items are sent from a BuildASoil Partner and will be indicated on the product page.
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