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BuildASoil YouTube FAQ's
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FAQ #1


  1. What is the humidity and temperature in your grow tent right now?



  1. What variety of tomatoes do you like Jeremy



  1. I have a 5x5 tent what size bed would you put inside and what is the max and min of plants



  1. When do you add worms



  1. Is there a flushing period with this type of soil when it's time to harvest the buds or do you just chop and hang the buds to dry



  1. Please talk about Ph. pH in water or should you pH your teas before watering into the soil if they’re running too acidic or basic, thank you



  1. Is there some advantage to using the 3x3 bed instead of the 100 gal pot you cooked your soil in?



  1. Because living soil takes time to active the environment and auto flowers have smaller grow windows does it make sense to use take and bake for small pots (3 gal)? I really wanna make the jump from bottle newts



  1. I grow in a small space so to save time I like to start my next run under a t5. My problem is I never know how to sex them. Should I clone and sec the clone or sex the parent or is there a way to just have the parents show without flipping the lights?



  1. If possible could you share how you run your lights? Do you build up to 100 through germinating, veg, and flower or do you go 100 from the get-go?



  1. When making your own soil that you did in episode three, if you underwater will the soil potentially heat up? For example, when you went to re-mix the soil you noticed a couple dry spots. Will the less water keep it from heating up even if it will.



FAQ #2


  1. Sucks that you start out the video with complete bro science about the whole “better terps and flavor from soil than you would with hydroponics” myth. Such a controversial topic- there is way too much hype over the two



  1. Question for you, especially because of the shirt you’re wearing in this video: how important is it to see a product or ingredient listed as “Organic” in its title or certification, versus a product that may not technically be listed or certified as organic despite being derived organically? As someone who appreciates organic roots I imagine you research the sourcing of the products you sell, but I wanted your thoughts as I care about what I put into plants I grow, yet I know that getting that word on a product isn’t the end all be all. Plus I trust all your products yet not all your products are listed as organic haha



  1. Under/over watering living soil is hot topic...Roughly how often does a 3x3 need watering when done by hand?



FAQ #3


  1. Do you have to add an airstone to an earthbox?



  1. Can you use alfalfa straw for mulch?



  1. Which soil does Build A Soil prefer to start their seeds in?



  1. Using lemon water to adjust the pH?



  1. How many earthboxes can I put in a 4x4? Is it okay to use th e two or can I put three or can I maybe put four in there?



FAQ #4


  1. I’m trying to save money on pumice, I’m trying to source it but I don’t want to overspend on shipping so is there anything else that I can use locally? Do you think I can use other landscaping materials like while pebbles or river rocks?



  1. Are there anything you can topdress your earthboxes with besides just the worm castings and the craft blend?



  1. Wouldn’t asking rootwise to that compost tea add a ton of microbes as well?



  1. Do you guys offer any products that I can top dress or feed my plants in coco and skip the bottled nutrients? I know there is stuff like Gaia Green, is there anything similar to that?



  1. Do you sell lactic acid bacteria?



  1. For a 4x4 tent should I get the cypress 6 or the cypress 8?



FAQ #5


  1. How important are the dimensions of the container? Do the plants prefer tall height to width of 2:1 square height to width of 1:1 or squat containers or does it not matter at all?



  1. What do you feel about vermiculite instead of perlite?



  1. When reusing soil, what happens if there’s still plenty of nutrients in the soil and I add too much when reamending, can a living soil be too hot? How much would be too much?



  1. Does flipping to flower affect the lettuce and other veggies that you have going?



  1. I’ve been running your no til bundle for the past 7 months and I love it. Very little effort on my part. If I wanted to switch over to an earthbox, would I keep using things like aloe, yucca, micros, rootwise, etc and spray them over the soil in place of filing the reservoir. I know the micros would just sit at the bottom of the reservoir if I added them there but could I add water to the reservoir with aloe, cocoa, or yucca?



FAQ #6


  1. I never see you move your lights the entire grow. Do you adjust them and turn them up all the way to that position once you’re there? thank you



  1. Hello! I hope you're having a wonderful day! I was wondering if you could tell us how long worm castings will last and how to care for it when you have extra you aren't using right away. Specifically in the terms of both the Colorado worm company and other worm castings.  Thank you in advance!



  1. How do predator mites find their way into my home castings?



  1. When is the c02 mushroom hut going to start?



  1. Would 5 plants in the 3x3 bed be pushing it and if so why?



FAQ #7


  1. Explanation of Rock dust and paramagnetic rock dust



  1. We would love to hear you describe the terpenes between each pheno as they are getting later in the flower in the 10x10 with smell descriptions for each one. Thanks for the awesome series



  1. Is it possible or viable to micro dose top feeding way more frequently but at a considerable amount less



  1. What is general advice you can give for feeding soil? What do we feed and how often?

For cannabis and normal vegetables and other garden systems using living soil, I feel like I’m missing something here. I got my soil together, I planted my cover crop, I planted my medicinal plants but you’re always adding this stuff to the soil for the cannabis and I'm feeling confused on what and when to feed the soil. Perhaps you could shed some light. thank you



  1. Have you given any thoughts on doing like say an east coast distribution company for your soil? The price isn’t bad but adding shipping and it’s out of my range.



  1. If i top dress with craft blend to add back any depleted nutrition in a no-till raised bed, it would be adding everything back even the nutrition that is not yet depleted so it would eventually become unbalanced correct? In the short term it would give the plants the nutrition that they need but will the unbalanced cause any issues over time. How often would I need to test the soul and balance it back out?





  1. Some people have different variations in drying and curing. I hope to see your technique in detail. Great video as always



  1. If you are in your last two weeks, are you going to add a UVA and UVB light to increase THC potential?



  1. Would really love a deep dive on heavy metals and soil, how much it really matters for your health, how to avoid it, etc. Especially for people who can’t do soil tests



  1. When is the ideal time or times to add blue corn in a cannabis garden?



  1. You start talking about the four plants and four different types of soil, I believe it was quadrant 3 and how the one in the back although it was initially over watered, is becoming your favorite. I know you also said you don’t like to stress out your plants but I wonder if this might be due in part to the fact that stressing your plants to a degree causes a greater expression of terpenes and flavor which at this stage would be noticed by smell and feel. I know it has been said many of these plants perform better when under less than ideal conditions. Do you think this is possible or do you simply a correlation and not causation?



  1. Love your videos man and I love your sandals. Show us the worm bin.





  1. Should you water right before you’re about to harvest?



  1. Where can I get one of those Build A Soil shirts? Another great episode thanks for the work.



Can we see the unleaded sour in the 2x2?



  1. I already use rootwise enzymes everytime I add microbes along with some growkashi a few times throughout the grow. Would I profit from sst’s ( Sprouted seed teas)? If so, how many times would you feed with it? The series rocks please keep doing what you’re doing!



  1. Jeremy, all of your book recommendations have taught me so much. Is there a list anywhere of the books you recommend to read?





  1. Checking out the farm



  1. I’ve been following since episode one. I was so excited to see the video, please please follow through until the end by show some mini clips of the drying and trim out. I hope you continue with another series and tweak things as you go. Commenting how you’ve changed and improved the process



  1. General indoor growing question. I have two earth boxes under one of the timber lights growing carrots, beets and leeks. Soil is home mixed based on one of the type of recipes on your site. Everything has started falling over which I can only presume is damping off for me filling the reservoirs with water long before I ever planted anything in them. Can I save this soil and these containers if so how? I’m going to let these seedlings ride out and just see what happens. I added some microbe complete to see if I can make things turn around the corner. Any tips are much appreciated!



  1. Would love to see you dedicate a quadrant to growing in like 5 gallon pots. I know it’s not ideal size for oraginics but I think people do it anyway and it would be rad to be able to see how you deal with the challenges inherent to growing organically in a smaller container size.



  1. I would love to hear your thoughts on feeding the take and bake recipe for maximum results as well as any different ways you could



  1. How much soft rock phosphate would you add into the take and bake? I’m looking to incorporate it.



  1. I’m still here after all these episodes. They only get better. Please make a hash making video.





  1. That Ideal Soil 2.0 book, [I’ve] been looking for it and it is sold out everywhere. Any info on whether it is going to be in stock again?



  1. How is the worm activity in the 3x3 bed? Did you find any worms while working in the amendments?



  1. When I make my irish cmos gel, I use the leftover water as an additive. Cmos has 98 of the 114 essential nutrients for life. I don’t do it often but I assume that it helps.



  1. Always like to see a Jadam reference. Thanks for the video.



  1. Do you ship soil to Hawaii



  1. The earth box was mounted. What happened to all the mound on the top of the box?



  1. Is there something wrong with using sulfates or are tehy technically synthetic but approved for organics production or something?



  1. I’ve seen a couple others ask about water source and filtering. What do you use? I’m learning how much a little organic matter in water would rid chloramine.





  1. Next run can we do specific genetics and we can take a poll on genetics that we’d like to see you grow?



  1. How are the mother plants doing? What are the future plans for them? Will you flip to flower anytime soon? Love the way you’re on Jeremy, keep leading the pack brotha.



  1. Respect on the video. Great time for a question. My local organic supplier of kelp has stopped selling it. There’s triad kelp, it’s a black granular product. Is that safe to use or my other choice is hemp seed meal to replace kelp meal. Respect much love from the UK



  1. What cover crop are you using? I know you said it in the first series but I cannot remember. I love the series also by the way.



  1. Will you be making mushrooms this year? (Shows current mushroom tent)



  1. Gotta start by saying thank you! Loving all the information. Grew with Nutes for a bit, got some good results but always wanted to go organic and start my first organic run now.



  1. Love my earthboxes. My first time using them was my last run and it was awesome. I just followed the BuildASoil Way and everything worked great! It was also my first round of living soil and I won’t turn back.



  1. I don’t get why he doesn’t time the watering. He always mentions how much water he wants to put in and the fact that the sprayer has a 1 gallon per minute nozzle and he wants to do like three gallons but then just doesn’t spray for three minutes lol



  1. How hard is it to move the 30 gallons around? I’m planning a grow in a 5x5 with four 30 gallon pots. I worry that access to them all may be a challenge once in flower.



  1. You guys inspire me not only in the garden but the vibes and knowledge outreach in every aspect of life.



  1. In a previous video you were discussing using irrigation systems for the 5 gallons. You mentioned you’re not a big fan of blue mats. I was hoping for more information on why you steer away from them and I’d love to hear your opinion.





  1. Have you considered trying the humic acid concentrate for water and or foliar? My ladies have been praying ever since I started using it



  1. One question I have, would the EM5 work to wash buds with when harvesting or has anyone tried it?


  1. Just bought the take and bake kit. Excited to get a 3x3 bed of my own going. I'm curious, I've seen some stuff about integrating sand, silt, and clay when building soils to make nature more closely especially in no till. What are you thought on adding these sorts of structural inputs to an indoor set up. Particularly in your pre-made kit recipes.



  1. What are you using to trigger the exhaust on top of your tent?



  1. Why do you recommend to stop adding aloe to the water after flower starts?



  1. Hey where do you get your garden bed? What size is it?



  1. The diversity and the tent is a great idea. It covers a lot of ground with useful info and it’s always refreshing when the teacher loves what he does. Makes learning such a breeze.



  1. Can you explain on when, how, and the details of the use of Eden Bluegold Fusion Flower. Can you just use that as a flower feed and get good results?



  1. Can you spray the amazing Dr Zymes’s Eliminator insecticide and fungicide directly on top of the soil?



  1. Any suggestions for Build A Bloom in flower? Every watering?



  1. What do you use for fungus gnats? I got predator mites but I have no success with them.



  1. Is this the first time we’ve seen you stoned lol





  1. Precoated cover crop seeds work? Or does the shell on them give the soil bad juju?



  1. Thanks for your videos and free knowledge! Can you maybe touch base on a few areas of controversy: Bud washing, yes or no? | Flushing, yes or no? | Using organic vs salt nutrients? | Dry trim vs wet trim



  1. Are you selling information or selling product? A premium content site will serve to undo the goodwill you’ve obtained providing excellent free content. It feels like bait and switch, like you’re holding back to entice viewers to pay up for the good info



  1. Have you tried micro clover? It is a cross of the white clover



  1. Can you clone clones to avoid a mother tent?



  1. Love the content as always keep up the good work. Question though, y’all got any hats? Your site doesn’t have any and I’ll buy some for sure, I think we all would.



  1. I was watching a commercial living soil cannabis facility tour and they have large stones in the corners of their beds. Why is this? Will you be doing the same thing? Why or why not





  1. If you could only choose one container to run, a 3x3 bed or 30 gallon pots in a 10x10 with a 12 plant count limit, which do you prefer and why? I’m leaning towards going with 4 of the 3x3 beds with three plants in each



  1. Just wondering why no Biochar? I thought Biochar is great for no till, thanks guys!



  1. What humidity and temp if that’s important do you store your buds at for the long term? Do you ever burp old jars or rehumidify them?



  1. I have heard that feminized plants are a little less vigorous than regular ones. Does it make a difference in quality if you make seeds from two regulars or one regular and one feminized?



  1. Is there a test for seeds to know the strain?



  1. Hey I use Build A Bloom and a couple other BuildASoil products in cocoa. What do you think about it?



  1. Have some dry Build A soil from a previous run. How do I go about bringing it back to life? Cover crop then re-amend or re-amend then cover crop?



  1. Jeremy, how does spraying affect your humidity in the tent? All I can think about is that fish smelling water in the inside walls of the tent



  1. First time I’ve seen anyone take clones after flipping to flower. I’m guessing since the first day it’s not an issue.





  1. Great comments about ph. I find so many growers misunderstand ph and ph adjust water for no reason. I read the intelligent gardener after you recommended it and can understand your references to cations and anions now. Keep it coming Jeremey!



  1. Hey Jeremy! Thank you so much for all the knowledge you’re sharing! My Question is how do I get clean water? My water I think is pretty hard. How do I go around this filtering RO water? What kind of fulter is so?



  1. I have well water at 6.2 p and about 90 parts per million. I’ve always had problems with lockout after a month or more of water and have to flush and flower. I ended up switching to coco because the 20% runoff actually worked good for my situation but after 20 years I’m getting tired of trying to figure it out. You would think such a low ppm I’d be fine but for some reason I’m not. Any ideas why? Thanks in advance Jeremy!



  1. Just ordered the cypress 3 for my 2x4 setup. Love the content! Would like to know if you’re running anything in the 2x2 at the moment?



  1. I’m used to using coco with fluoroflex nutrients. How should I start this changeover to living soil where I don’t get frustrated?



  1. Towards the end of my last 2 runs using living soil, the plants did not fade like at all. Super green leaves all the way to the end. Any reasons why?



  1. Is there a specific reason why most frass comes from black soldier fly? I have two chameleons and I feed them crickets. I also feed my crickets multi grain cheerios (the food source) and apples (water source). I was thinking about using the frass and even the dead crickets from the cricket cage to feed my soil in the compost tea. Does anyone see a problem there? Possibly an organic or a better water and food source for the crickets themselves.



  1. I’d like to hear our thoughts on using bti (bacillus syingus Israelius) to help control fungus gnat population



  1. May I ask what smoothie you have in the morning? I’m always looking for new ones to drink. Also, thanks for the video.





  1. What is the current daytime temp and humidity and the night time temp and humidity of the 10x10?



  1. I will send a sample of my water off to see what’s in it because I want to go back to using soil. Thank you for answering my question! I love the show!



  1. Question for the FAQ. I have an abundance of aloe growing in my yard. I also have lemon thyme, which I’ve heard has a bug repellent property. Would either of those two plants be more useful as an fpj or just fresh additives to a soil drench or foliar. Furthermore when planting some lemon thyme or rosemary  or other bug repellent plants as companions be better or fpj made from them?



  1. What are your thoughts on potassium bicarbonate for an ipm spray? I use it every once in a while to fight powdery mildew, sometimes I will mix mint oil to fight pests and I love the channel



  1. Would it be better to start a plant in a really big pot instead of transplanting it? Does it take a while to get out of the shock from transplant?



  1. I’ll ask one more time, is fermented castor bean extract a foliar feed or more for an ipm? Good episode, thanks.



  1. Didn’t J Plantspeaker say not to use dr zymes with Q. I think it says write on it not to use with surfactants



  1. If I spray the doctors Zymes for pest pressure, should I take precautions to reduce the drip onto the soil surface?



  1. Question, I’m running all BuildASoil inputs including axial 16 which takes my pH to around 10 everytime I use it. Is it still recommended to ignore my pH? Gives me stress , I’m coming off of 10 years of salt and it takes quite a bit of pH down to lower it, but then I’m concerned about all that pH down.





  1. When your drip system is turned off, is excess water left in the line or is it all drained out in the reservoir?



  1. Living soil, what is that exactly? I’m a beginner and I want to learn.



  1. I love BuildASoil but you guys are getting a little too hippy dippy, a nitrate is a nitrate whether it be organic or synthetic and you need to flush that out at the end at least three times three pots size of water in the last 5 days. I invite you all to do a side by side. The difference is very noticeable.



  1. I was wondering what would be better to do, living soil in a regular pot or a fabric pot. Which size?



  1. Can you replace pumice with fine gravel? If not, why not?



  1. Hi Jeremy! I hope this makes it in the FAQ. I’m also from Tasmania like Steve and I love all your videos as you break them down for us mere mortals to understand. My question is do you see BuildASoil ever being available in Australia? We have inferior inputs which I refuse to use. Love all the work you and your team do, thank you!



  1. I noticed you didn’t touch on rainwater. I use it in my no till living soil. Anything bad about it? Anything I need to look out for?



  1. Hey man! Love all your info! I watch every video right when you put them on. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! My question, how often should you introduce predatory mites in a no till earth box? What’s best? Put them onto the soil and then cover or put it onto the plant itself. Thanks in advance!





  1. What days do you stop feeding all water soluble inputs? At least in relation to the end of flower?



  1. Have you ever used avocado tek? What are your thoughts on it? Would you consider using it next season?



  1. What happens when you go too long in flower? When is it too far gone?



  1. I could get used to a video every day. I want to hear about how you set up the mushroom tent?



  1. Thoughts on multiple plants in the same container? Can you bust the myth that it’s not a good idea and the stronger plant will just take over the smaller ones. Would you feel comfortable with 2 plants in a single earthbox? Build on Brotha



  1. Thanks for the awesome video! I’m planting regular seeds into a big bed and want to go high plant count and quick flip, two weeks. So unfortunately most plants don’t show sex within two weeks, is it okay for me to just keep an eye on them and remove as soon as I see signs of males?



7.1 Grow myths (Continued below)


       7.2 Grow myth - 48 hours of darkness at beginning and end of flower



      7.3 Grow myth - Puncturing the stock with a drill bit like drilling out the stock and ripping it in half in the last week of harvest to increase the stress and more resin.



    7.4 Grow myth - Flipping back to the veg light cycle (18/6) for the final three to six days before harvest to cause a burst of trichome development





  1. Hey, what do you suggest I do with my cover crop after I finished my grow? Do I work it into the soil or do I just plant over?



  1. You’ve mentioned that chopping and dropping does not steal N (Nitrogen) because it’s still green (Jeremy: I may have said that but that’s not what I intended so it’s possible that’s misquoted We’ll see and address it right here), does that mean that the straw mulch may steal N (Nitrogen)? Thanks keep it up!



  1. Love the FAQs! I have a question now that we have dimmable led grow lights capable of putting out more ppfd than we could ever use, has anyone tried mimicking the sun where a control module gradually ramps up the light intensity to peak midday and gradually ramps down until lights out? Thank you for all the free education!



  1. Hey Jerremy! I love the content! Can you let me know if I can put two autos in an earthbox with 3.0 soil. I would love to know! Thanks!



  1. Picked up your craft blend and microbe complete for Black Friday. I do feed bottled nutes so I know I won’t be getting the best out of it (craft blend and microbe complete) but I still want to show my roots some extra love this run. They’re still seedlings, they just sprouted. I plan to make teas, do you have any recommendations on how to tea and root wise micro product fit into a normal feed cycle? Also I let my soil dry out as much as possible before fully watering again.



  1. Really loving the daily uploads! We’d love to hear your thoughts on adding a uvb light in flower for a couple hours a day. I’m hearing it can really increase trichome production and quality.



  1. I just discovered I have red spider mites. This is the first time I’ve ever seen them, most were on my cover crop which I removed and disposed of properly. I’ve only seen a couple on my plant but I can’t help thinking it’s about to get really bad. So the plant is in week 10 of flower and still has a couple weeks left. It’s growing in a 15 gallon grass roots living soil pot (3.0 soil). I’m thinking of letting it ride until harvest, then deep cleaning my tent with bleach, not planting anymore cover crops for at least two weeks. also giving my top mulch layer a daily spritz with neem oil and dr zymes. Would that rid me of them? Is there anything else you think I should do? Should I just cut my losses and harvest now before it gets out of hand. Been growing in this tent now for 5 years, never seen a spider mite before, I’m not sure how I got them in the first place.





  1. Hi thanks for the videos! Very Interesting! I’m curious as you seemed excited to show bud growing from the middle of a leaf in your last 10x10 update. That is a mutation I have not seen before. I presume bizarre unstable genetics. Are you not worried about the chance of a herm? Interesting nonetheless thanks



  1. Do you ever pH when using build a bloom in living soil? I decided to make the switch to living soil with a black friday sale and I went with 5 pounder.



  1. In flower, how often are you watering with just plain water vs feeding?



  1. Thank you! I love the series! So a few years ago when you guys sold sip beds and you stopped selling them. I have been using earthboxes for a while now and I’m hooked! I absolutely love the results of the 3x3 right now and the 10x10 it got me thinking that the sip 3x3 or 4x4 would crush it. Do you think so as well? Are they problematic and that’s why you don’t sell them anymore? I know you had one at your house, do you still have it?



  1. Could you go into detail on how to maintain your mom plants for long term?



  1. Hey I love your videos! I’m a new grower and you’ve helped me learn a ton but I was wondering when you’re going to make another seed selection breeding video soon.



  1. I live in the northeast and it’s about to be snowing pretty soon. Can I also use melted snow as water? Of course not using it freezing cold.



  1. Where is the Coot interview?!?



  1. Great content as always! I’m looking at the Take and Bake kit but I’m leery that it’s too hot to start autos in. What do you recommend?





  1. When checking on living growing plants in darkness, is it okay to use a green light? I’ve heard it mimics the moon and less chance of herming or messing with the plant. I love everything you post, I have nearly all your products!



  1. Jeremy I’m really enjoying this series. After I harvest I grind up old fan leaves, stems, and stalks and give it back to the soil with other amendments. Kind of regenerative farming on small scale. My question is what is the npk of hemp meal and what micronutrients are available?



  1. Any insight on running an electrical ground through a bed of soil for the plants? I used to have a homie that swore by it



  1. What are some good books to self test soil and other things and some books on your shelf?



  1. I have the next Q&A question. Rolling high at jiu jitsu yes or no? Edibles what do you think?



  1. Love the series. These videos have stepped my game up so much! Got my house reeking! Getting to my question, if I want to increase flavor in my buds with ferments, which ferment should I use to highlight the gassy side of the genetic and not just make it sweeter?



  1. Why is rootwise so expensive? In general, inoculants are pricey, why is that?



  1. Just wondering if you saw my comment on the last couple of videos? Please teach us how to re-veg a girl that’s gone through her flower stage. I have tried but failed. Could really use your experience and insight, thank you!





  1. HI Jeremy! What’s the difference between the BAS worm casting and the Colorado Worm Company Castings? The reviews on the BAS site indicate that both are good but there’s a difference in price.



  1. In an earth box, how often should we realistically be adding Rootwise in bloom? Are the microbes reproducing and that nice always moist earth box leading to us not needing to add more as often?



  1. Hey Jeremy, could you make a video on when and how to collect pollen from males and how to properly store it? Thanks!



  1. Jeremy, when is the best time to do a soil test? For time and re-amendment purposes, would you do it after harvest or sometime prior to harvest?



  1. Can you please show in your series when it’s time how you reset the living soil containers? I currently grow organic but would like to make the switch to no till. I’m unable to find any videos that show a time frame and procedure of a new run. Also I grow perpetually, is it possible in my 5x5 with 4 30 gallon smart pots? Thanks! Love the content!



  1. I’ve been watching your channel for a couple of months now. My question is could I make my own aloe vera powder and use that as my wetting agent?



  1. In my garden we got a sunflower directly near the electricity cable. This one ran so much faster and bigger than the other ones there was a huge difference being near 220 volt house electricity. Don’t know how much amperage but it seems to stimulate the roots, fibers, and cells like on us.



  1. What can you use to help with your buds not be too fluffy? Much love for this community!



  1. Hey man! This might sound like a broad question but what is the future of cannabis at least in your opinion on the organic side. Where do you see all of this going? Thanks man! Enjoy the content!





  1. Aloha Jeremy! My question to you is when do I clean out the roots from my earth box? I’m having amazing results but do wonder because I will be on my 4th run soon. Mahola



  1. Can you put sour dough starter discard in the worm bin?



  1. I’m sure you’ve been asked this before but what are your thoughts on autoflowers? It’s future quality. Going to grow a few for the first time with freshly delivered BuildASoil Products. I usually grow photoperiod plants\



  1. Hey Jeremy! What are your thoughts on a perpetual harvest? Plus what’s the best way to set up a perpetual harvest?



  1. Regarding your 3x3 bed and drying in the 10x10 tent, does it affect the soil in any way negatively speaking while the plants are drying in the dark?



  1. Please please please cover the RSO (Rick Simpson oil). This is a must have for my partner's health and I have tried two times and failed both times. Please help!



  1. I’m wondering if rolly pollies are beneficial to add to a live soil setup?



  1. I keep mung bean sprouts from the store for salads. Would these work well for a tea?



  1. How do you compare your 10x10 season 2 to your first season’s smaller grow?





  1. Can I nematodes to my worm bin to combat fungus gnats?



  1. What’s your thoughts on using worm castings tea weekly? I’ve heard a lot now that molasses isn’t good to keep adding but instead could you say casting tea diluted down or would this cause newt burn lockout at some point?



  1. Kind of off subject but I was gifted a chapin and told nothing harmful was in it. Is there some way to clean it to set my mind at ease or should I just regift it?



  1. I recently bought the Take and Bake and a 3x3 bed and have been having a white powdery substance around the bottom edges. What would this be? The plants themselves look great?



  1. Is it important to get two AC infinites for in and out to control the temp and humidity more efficiently?



  1. Thank you for all the free info you consistently pump out! Quick question, can I use coconut flour, coconut milk powder, or coconut palm sugar to substitute freeze dried coconut water or a combination of the three? Thank you for any answers! Trying to use what is available to me.



  1. Why is the microbe complete 85% diatomaceous earth?



  1. Does anyone know if I can keep bending my plant under the trellis while in flower?



  1. Which apogee do you use? How far off are the readings from the Pulse Pro. Did the last update fix the pulse reading’s accuracy?



  1. Tough on the shoulder, do you really do jiu jitsu?



  1. Should I be using regular seeds in my search for a keeper? I’ve been using feminized seeds. Thanks



  1. Quick question. What’s a solid LED grow light you’d recommend?



  1. How in the hell do you not use perlite? It’s beyond important especially for drainage



  1. What sprayer do you guys recommend for foliar spraying neem oil? I have three rainmakers and I spray grocal and em5 for two of them with no problem. My neem sprayer gets clogged a lot now to the point where I’m not sure if I can fix it this time. Which sprayer might be the best for spraying neem oil around the garden?



  1. Can you use Dr Bronners during flower? Started getting thrips please help





  1. Hey, I have a question. When I use normal organic soil and mix some dry amendments and like worm castings and other stuff, how do I know that the microbes are working and transforming fertilizer into nutrients. Where do the microbes come from? Thank you



  1. Hi there! I’ve been drying for eight days at around 57% humidity and 70-77 degrees F. However my humidity dips until 48 in the last 12 hours as I couldn't get in in time to refill my humidifier and now some stems are crack until breaking. Is my crop ruined or can I just raise my humidity for what it was before?



  1. What’s your idea on using maple sugar during flower?



  1. What’s your max yield in a 10x10? I just got one myself



  1. What’s the Colorado summer environment like suitable for an outdoor grow would be dope if you did an outdoor grow series sometime



  1. When do you add worms to the earth box?



  1. Would a tea of sprouted white rice be beneficial?



  1. What’s the best way to use my outside compost indoors? I have a massive outdoor three year old pile but I’m worried I’d transfer some unwanted bad things.



  1. Jeremy I switched from a T5 light to led. My plants started growing three bladed leaves. How bad is this?



  1. Hello! I like the ingredients of the 3.0 soil but was interested in the light soil. Also have you mixed the two together and done a soil test? Would you recommend it for a good balance or maybe why could it be a bad idea. Thanks





  1. Hey Jeremy! Thanks so much for all the great information. I have a couple questions if you don’t mind. I just flipped to flower in my first grow. Went with the Coots mix but I’m currently in 5 gallon fabric pots with 4 plants. I wanted to reuse my soil for my next grow but from my understanding 5 gallons won’t be enough to sustain another cycle. Is this information correct? If so, what do you recommend I should use for re - amendment? Something like compost minerals amendments listed in the coots mix? I top dressed with only with compost before the flower flip. Do you think given the 5 gallon size of the pots, it would be better to do teas instead of top dressing or does it really matter?



  1. Diatomaceous earth. I thought about putting a layer of this between harvests. I just had a major infestation of thrips and possibly spider mites. But I figured it’d be dangerous for the worms. Will they be harmed?



  1. Do you think a wine fridge would be a good herb curing cabinet for small amounts?



  1. I got a question for everybody. Anyone do a 12/12 light schedule from seed with good yield?



  1. I’ve noticed a lot of growers using humic acid nearly every watering and then a lot of pre-made liquid additives like ferments or micro products also have jumic acid. Compost teas also add a lot of humic material so my question is, is there such a thing as too much?


  1. Have you ever had a strain that didn’t stretch? You talked about them 2x or 3x during stretch and I’ve been through it as well but my current grow, the plants didn’t or barely stretch at all. First time this has ever happened and I was wondering if you’ve ever seen this before.





  1. Do trichomes continue to ripen slightly after the cop? I swear I’ve had buds like 50% amber then months down the road I scope the buds in jars and they’re like completely amber. Anyone have anything on this?



  1. When trying to slow down the growth of the moms, what is your light cycle or par?



  1. Hi! When I harvest, I put them in total darkness for two day then I go in only with a green light on and chop them down and hang them. My question is am I wasting my efforts with the darkness theory?



  1. When is the latest you can clone?


  1. When you harvest, do you let your soil dry all the way out before you cut down your plant or does it matter?



  1. Would an earthbox do well outside?



  1. I have a three and a half foot plant in veg and vegetation that has a that has a flat main stem near the top, much like the ones you showed in quadrant three or four. Will I be better off to let her grow it naturally or top it and see what comes of it?



  1. I have a strain called oreos throwing a fade on day 34, is that abnormal?



  1. So is it official? 18 hours the way to go with autoflowers?





  1. Love the videos! Dumb question, how do you get the worms in the soil to begin with?



  1. Would it be okay to put plant material and buds in your worm bin that have spider mites on them?



  1. Can you recommend any decent books on biodynamic agriculture? I’ve been interested in it for a while now



  1. Do you have any tutorials on how to collect and keep safe pollen from your male plants?



  1. You often refer to use bokashi in soil but do you ever use your bokashi juice that you get out of the bokashi compost? Will it have a similar effect to a ferment?



  1. Experiencing some PM during mid flower outdoors in Oregon. I don’t want to overreact or react incorrectly. What do you recommend as an organic approach to correct?



  1. Is the root interaction of the cover crop affecting the terpene production of the cannabis plant itself? Could this be a reason not to chop and drop the cover crop?





  1. What actually causes purple stems?



  1. Is it possible to dry outside under a carport or gazebo? Thanks!



  1. So why aren’t all pots we used to transplant made translucent so we can see the roots inside and have a good idea when it needs to be pulled



  1. Hey Jeremy! Love the videos! Please keep them coming! I’ve watched you mix and spray so many different things from your chapin sprayer. Do you actually clean the sprayer after each use or do you have separate chapins for things?



  1. Wondering what’s your opinion on ants in your pots? Good or bad? They do a lot of cleaning but I’ve seen colonies ruin other plants. There’s just a few that came with the earth and are making a living in my tent. Don’t think it will get too hectic but not sure what’ll happen



  1. How many rounds of plants can the soil last in relation to the take and bake?



  1. Would a worm bin do okay in a garage over winter? I live in the northeast US so not sure if it gets too cold in temperature or if it’s an issue in the first place



  1. A lot of people are against transplanting autos and suggest planting germinated seed directly in forever home. What are your opinion?





  1. What’s the best way to store seeds?



  1. Can you add wetting agent with compost tea? Why or why not?



  1. Is it normal for your plants to be drooping everyday around the same time, like five hours before lights off everyday like clockwork?



  1. I recently moved and now I have well water which has a lot of iron and manganese in it. Can I use RO water for my living soil or would I need to add something back to the RO water like calmag or add a gallon of the well water to say five gallons of well water mixed



  1. So for the smaller growers that use a 2x4 tent, normally I use 5 gallons. I would like to do a no till and still maximize yield in the space. What would you recommend, a 10 gal, 15 gal, or something else?



  1. Can I use decomposed pine needles as a medium substitute for peat moss in a living soil recipe?



  1. I was wondering if there’s a good organic way to get rid of thrips or is it a complete loss?



  1. I was really intrigued by the 3.0 triggered before the light recipe. It’s only a theory but do you think it could be because of that available P and having more P the plants look incredible. Our prayer is going out to you.



  1. As always love the info and thank you! So when you’re gone, are we gonna have to wait two weeks? Lol. You’re my coffee and I cannot do without


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